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Sunfury Attack Plans
StartLord Torvos
EndLord Torvos
Requires Level 70
Experience5[[File:gold.png|g|link=Money#Types XP
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Reputation+250 Shattered Sun Offensive
Rewards[Shattered Sun Supplies]
4Gold 40Silver


Lord Torvos in Shattrath wants you to capture the Sunfury Attack Plans.


As we press the offensive on Quel'Danas, we've discovered that Kael'thas' minions are planning a counterattack. By ordering the Sunfury blood elves, based in Netherstorm, to attack our operations in Outland, he hopes to draw troops and attention away from the Sunwell.

We must not allow this to happen, <name>. Each and every blade is needed on the front lines.

Go to Netherstorm and capture their attack plans. Any of the Sunfury blood elves up there could be in possession of the plans. Good luck, <name>.


You will receive: Inv misc bag 13 [Shattered Sun Supplies].

You will also receive: 4Gold 40Silver (10Gold 10Silver at level 70)


Have you returned with the plans?


<Lord Torvos accepts the plans and looks over them.>

You've done the offensive a great service, <name>, but we should not rest. I wouldn't put it beyond our foes to plan more mischief in the future.

Patches and hotfixesEdit

0200Bc icon Patch 2.4.0 (25-Mar-2008): Added

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