Quest:Strength of the Tempest

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Neutral 32 Strength of the Tempest
CategorySholazar Basin
ReputationFrenzyheart Tribe +250
Rewards7Gold 40Silver

Objectives Edit

Gather 3 [Essences of the Monsoon] and 3 [Essences of the Storm] and take them to the Shrine of the Tempest. Return to Rejek at Frenzyheart Hill with the True Power of the Tempest.

Description Edit

Silly big-tongues think singing to the clouds give them power. Rejek show big-tongues how to get power by taking it!

Far to northwest, there is large, flat area the big-tongues call 'Stormwright's Shelf.' Rejek is sure you can only get there by flying like bird.

On this shelf, Rejek has heard of mighty forces of wind and water. Kill them for their badness, then take it to the big-tongue 'Shrine of the Tempest' at shelf's western side. Rejek will await your return with ultimate power.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 40Silver

Progress Edit

You bring Rejek true power of elements?

Completion Edit

Now Rejek show cowardly big-tongues how to really use elements!

Notes Edit

Completing this quest is a criteria of the Honorary Frenzyheart achievement.

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