Quest:Strength of Mount Mugamba (2)

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Neutral 32 Strength of Mount Mugamba
StartJin'rokh the Breaker
EndJin'rokh the Breaker
Requires Level 60
Experience9,550 XP
or 57Silver29Copper at Level 110
Rewards[Strength of Mugamba]

Description Edit

It is good to see you in good health, <name>. The glorious battles you have undertaken affect all life on this planet. Hakkar must never leave the confines of Zul'Gurub as the world will surely collapse beneath his immense hunger.

Give me your talisman and I shall amplify its strength. Use the Strength of Mugamba to punish our enemies!

Completion Edit

Our paths will cross again, Warrior.

Reward Edit

You receive
Inv jewelry necklace 24

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 9550 XP (or 57Silver at level 80)

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Patch date13 September 2005 +
Quest factionNeutral +
Quest level60 +
Quest nameStrength of Mount Mugamba +

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