Quest:Stranglethorn Fever (1)

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Neutral 32 Stranglethorn Fever
StartWitch Doctor Unbagwa
EndWitch Doctor Unbagwa
Requires Level 40
CategoryStranglethorn Vale
Defend the Witch Doctor for long enough, and Mokk shows up. Slay Mokk to get his heart, for the completion of Neutral 15 [45] Stranglethorn Fever.


Witch Doctor Unbagwa knows what Mokk the Savage like. Yes, yes!

Me speak with spirits and make he come, I do.

But other Gorilla-beast like spirit talkin' too. You protect Witch Doctor Unbagwa and I make he come to you.

Witch Doctor Unbagwa want something first. You bring a Gorilla Fang and me start spirit talking!


Witch Doctor Unbagwa like Gorilla Fangs! For you I talk to spirits. Make Mokk the Savage come.

You protect Witch Doctor Unbagwa from other Gorilla-beast through or no Mokk for you!

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