Stormwind Ho! is an Alliance quest in Hillsbrad Foothills that involves killing Naga.

Objectives Edit

Kill 10 Daggerspine Shorehunter and 10 Daggerspine Siren for Lieutenant Farren Orinelle in Southshore.


Details Edit

  • Travel a few hundred yards southeast of Southshore to find the Naga.

Reward Edit

You will be rewarded with:

Description Edit

My former mentor in the Stormwind city guard sent a message to me that Alliance High Command is becoming concerned with the threat posed by the naga. From what he's heard, there's good chances for promotion--or at least reassignment--for anyone who proves valuable in this regard.

There's just one small problem... I can't handle the naga, <name>. Oh sure, I could break up a drunken barroom brawl, or haul off a belligerent beggar, but the naga are too much for me. You've got to help me, <name>!

Completion Edit

With the naga put down in Southshore, I'll be a shoe-in to be reassigned. I'll get to see Stormwind again... get away from this Light-forsaken port.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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