Quest:Stopping Kurzen's Legacy

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Alliance 32 Stopping Kurzen's Legacy
StartLieutenant Doren
EndLieutenant Doren
Requires Level 24
CategoryNorthern Stranglethorn
Experience3,050 XP
or 18Silver30Copper at Level 100
Reputation+500 Stormwind
RewardsUncommon gear
PreviousSpared from Madness


Kill Chief Anders, Chief Gaulus, Chief Miranda, and Chief Esquivel within The Stockpile.

Description Edit

Now that our allies have been evacuated, it's time to run a final raid on Kurzen's Compound. They will never be weaker than they are right now, and with your help, we may be able to weaken them beyond repair.

Those four names that were listed in the Officers' Dossier - Anders, Gaulus, Miranda, and Esquivel - will be the highest-ranking personnel remaining. Look for them in that cave in the back of their compound. Removing all four will be devastating to Kurzen's forces.

Go with honor, <name>.

Completion Edit

Marvelously executed, <name>. My men and I can handle the rest.

With Kurzen out of the picture, we may be able to continue our original expedition here in Stranglethorn, which was... ahh...

No matter. Please, feel free to peruse our armor stores. You may find something that fits you well.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

You will also be able to choose one of the following:

Inv jewelry ring 75

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