Quest:Stones of Power

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Neutral 32 Stones of Power
StartAnji Autumnlight
EndAnji Autumnlight
Requires Level 90
CategoryVale of Eternal Blossoms


Collect 7 Revelite Crystals.


Many thousands of years ago, the rulers of the Vale sought energy from a powerful crystal known as Revelite.

With this substance, they were able to power cities, factories, and engines of war.

Zhi the Harmonious has asked us to collect some crystals and bring them back to the city.

Keep an eye out for them while you are in the ruins.


Did you find the crystals?


Mmmhmm. These will do nicely.

I'll have them sent back to camp immediately.


You will receive: 19Gold 84Silver 50Copper


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


  • This quest is often bugged. If things are working correctly you should see many crystals around the Ruins of Guo-Lai. There appears to be a problem with what order you do quests and whether you're phased or not.
    • If the quest is bugged, you will need to go up into the hills to the left of the entrance to Guo-Lai Halls (northwest passage down from ruins).

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