Quest:Stemming the Aggressors

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Alliance 32 Stemming the Aggressors
StartGlorthal Stiffbeard
EndGlorthal Stiffbeard
Requires Level 77
CategoryThe Storm Peaks
Experience21,600 XP
or 1Gold29Silver60Copper at Level 110
Reputation+250 The Frostborn
PreviousMissing Scouts
NextSirana Iceshriek


Glorthal Stiffbeard at Frosthold wants you to kill 8 Frostfeather Screechers and 8 Frostfeather Witches.


Damn harpies. We've beat that bunch into submission more times than I can remember... and they stay quiet for a time after each bout. This time, I'd thought that maybe it sunk in.

Apparently not.

Their memory may be a bit short, but if their numbers are thinned enough, they'll keep to themselves. Head into the valleys in the north and east and clear out a fair chunk of them for me, will ya?


Persistent buggers... can't ever seem to rid ourselves of all of them. They breed like rabbits.


It's dirty work, I know, but we appreciate it. Now what was the name the scout mentioned... Sirana?


Do this quest alongside Neutral 15 [78] Baby Stealers to save some time.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [78] Offering Thanks
  2. Alliance 15 [78] Missing Scouts
  3. Alliance 15 [78] Stemming the Aggressors
  4. Alliance 15 [78G3] Sirana Iceshriek

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