Objectives Edit

Collect 10 Boxes of Mushrooms and return them to Watcher Leesa'oh at the Cenarion Watchpost in Zangarmarsh.

Description Edit

<class>, I've got an idea. I want you to head north again, this time into the heart of ogre territory! Northwest of the Hewn Bog there is a place named Ango'rosh Stronghold, which sits on a floating island across a large mushroom bridge. The ogres must be storing the harvested mushrooms there. I bet you'll find them all over the place, and probably on the ogres themselves, too! Bring me a sufficient number and I will try to do something about providing the bog lords with a new source of nourishment.

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv shoulder 24
[Zangar Epaulets]
Inv helmet 10
[Helm of Natural Purity]
Inv belt 16
[Marsh Survivalist's Belt]
Inv bracer 12
[Leesa'oh's Wristbands]

You will also receive:6Gold 20Silver

Progress Edit

You have all of the mushrooms that we need to create a new garden for the bog lords?

Completion Edit

These are perfect!  Oh, thank you, <class>! You've been ever so careful not to disturb the natural order of things, and we've gathered so much information in such a short amount of time! Now, let's see if our little plan to grow a new food supply for the bog lords is going to work.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Notes Edit

Completing this quest starts a scripted event. Leesa'oh walks off a bit and plants the mushrooms. This grows a mushroom tree. A Hungry Bug Lord appears which tastes the tree and seems to like it. Leesa'oh observes this and congratulates you on the success. The script runs as follows:

Watcher Leesa'oh says: <name>, let's go see if this plan will work. Come along, Buddy!
She walk south to a nice spot to plant the mushrooms.
Watcher Leesa'oh says: Ok, let's see about using those mushrooms you brought back to grow the bog lords a new food supply.
She plants the mushrooms.
Watcher Leesa'oh says: Wait and see what happens!
A mushroom tree grows from the seeds. Soon a Hungry Bog Lord appears.
The Hungry Bog Lord takes a piece of the mushroom tree and holds it to its 'nose'. Seemingly satisfied, it eats it!
Watcher Leesa'oh says: Oh Buddy, you big baby! Look, it's working: It's really working!! Now all I need to do is grow more of these mushrooms here and the bog lords will likely leave the sporelings alone!
The Hungry Bog Lord uproots the rest of the mushroom tree and makes off with it.
Watcher Leesa'oh says: Oh, thank you, <name>! You've made it possible to save both the sporelings from the bog lords, and the bog lords from our wrath.

Quest progression Edit

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