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Neutral 32
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Stasis Chambers of the Mana-Tombs
StartCommander Ameer
EndCommander Ameer
ReputationConsortium +500
Rewards13Gold 20Silver (+11Gold 40Silver at level 70)
PreviousThe Mark of the Nexus-King
NextThe Eye of Haramad

Stasis Chambers of the Mana-Tombs is obtainable after achieving handing in a [Mark of the Nexus-King] to Commander Ameer.

Objectives Edit

The Image of Commander Ameer at Bash'ir's Landing in the Blade's Edge Mountains wants you to use the [Mana-Tombs Stasis Chamber Key] on the Stasis Chamber inside the Mana-Tombs of Auchindoun.

This quest may only be completed on Heroic difficulty.

Details Edit

The [Mark of the Nexus-King] that you recovered has allowed me to forge a new key for the stasis chambers found inside the Mana-Tombs.

According to the glyphs on the mark, two exist: one near the front and one near Nexus-Prince Shaffar. This key that I am about to give you will open the stasis chamber near the front.

I want you to go to the Mana-Tombs of Auchindoun and open the Mana-Tombs Stasis Chamber.

Reward Edit

Progress Edit

I would understand if you chose not to continue, <name>.

Completion Edit

Word has gotten back of your heroics, <name>. Haramad and I both agree that what you've done deserves a great reward.

Though... Nevermind, you've done enough. I cannot in good conscience ask anything more from you.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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