Objectives Edit

Elkay'gan the Mystic at Garadar in Nagrand wants you to use the Mag'har Battle Standard at the First Burning Blade Pyre, Second Burning Blade Pyre, and Third Burning Blade Pyre. Return the left-over Mag'har Battle Standards to him when you are finished.

  • First Battle Standard Placed
  • Second Battle Standard Placed
  • Third Battle Standard Placed
  • Inv banner 03 [Mag'har Battle Standard] (Provided)

Description Edit

If you're venturing into the Burning Blade Ruins, I have a task for you. Take these Mag'har battle standards and place them at three distinct locations in the ogre compound. An area of high visibility is recommended. Look for the gigantic flaming pyres on the upper levels. Place a standard near the first, second, and third Burning Blade pyres. The standard will leave a lasting impression upon any ogres who may have missed the battle.

Progress Edit

Respect from fear! It is as good as any other kind.

Completion Edit

Perhaps you would like another task? A more delicate matter, eh?

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

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