Objectives Edit

You must defeat 3 Stormforged Spies in the Valley of Ancient Winters.

Using the Ethereal Worg's Fang at the Corpse of the Fallen Worg will summon an Ethereal Frostworg, which will expose hidden enemies. You are to return to the Frostworg Denmother in Dun Niffelem when the valley has been cleansed of spies.

Provided Item:

Description Edit

The rapport you've developed with the inhabitants of Dun Niffelem has yielded some unexpected discoveries.

For example, you somehow find yourself able to understand the denmother's guttural growls and sharp quips - at least you think you do.

It would seem that she senses danger outside the stronghold and wants you to do something about it.

With her forepaw, she removes the chain from around her neck and lets it drop at your feet. As you pick it up you notice an aged fang attached to it....

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 40Silver(13Gold 23Silver on level 80)

Completion Edit

As you slide the chain back around the denmother's neck she licks your face approvingly.

Notes Edit

  • You must be honored with The Sons of Hodir in order to get this quest.
  • The corpse is at [57, 64]
    . To speed up the quest a bit, you can mount up after you have summoned the wolf.

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