Sprinkle's Secret Ingredient is a collection quest in Tanaris.

Objectives Edit

Sprinkle in Gadgetzan wants you to collect a Violet Tragan and return it to her.

You will need:

Quest text Edit

When I was a kid, my sister used to do all the cooking. It was horrible! I could barely stomach some of her concoctions -- until I found what I like to call my "secret" ingredient! Add it to anything, and... WOW! It tastes great!

What is it, you ask? It's a mushroom called the Violet Tragan. If you want me to help you turn this horrid-tasting brew into something edible, head to the Hinterlands, and look for a small lake there.

Oh, and remember, the Violet Tragan can only be found underwater.

Progress Edit

Under the waters of that lake -- it's the only place where the Violet Tragan can be found. Hope you're good at holding your breath!

Completion Edit

That's the stuff, <Name>!

It looks so good, I might just... Haha, gotcha!


You can find the 'shroom in Valorwind Lake, in the Hinterlands. It's just south of the road that cuts across the zone. Also, don't eat it yourself, it poisons you for 30 seconds. Crazy Goblins...

Wait by Sprinkle as you complete this quest, she will say:

Just sit tight while I get this prepared for you!

And then she'll offer you the Delivery for Marin quest.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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