Quest:Spirits of Auchindoun (Horde)

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Horde 32 Spirits of Auchindoun
StartExorcist Vaisha
EndExorcist Vaisha
Requires Level 63
TypeDaily PvP
CategoryTerokkar Forest
Experience11,000 XP
or 66Silver at Level 100
Rewards+209 honor

In Patch 2.4.0 daily pvp quests were implemented. They can be picked up separately depending on faction from the nearest appropriate quest hub.

Objectives Edit

Help the Horde secure a tower in the Bone Wastes.

  • Secure a Spirit Tower

Description Edit

The draenei might be our enemies, but the spirits of their ancestors in Auchindoun are restless and have no allegiance.

The draenei's custom required them to pay their respects at spirit towers at various times during the day. If you can help secure a tower during these times, you will help the spirits return to peace in Auchindoun.

The Alliance will try to capture the towers in order to secure the dead's favor. We must ensure that our side succeeds instead.

Gains Edit

  • 11000 XP (or 11Gold 99Silver at level 70)
  • 209 honor

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