Objectives Edit

Bring [Spinal Dust] to Magistrix Aminel in Tranquillien.

You will need:

Details Edit

The items drop from Dreadbone Sentinels, Dreadbone Skeletons, Deathcage Scryers, and Deathcage Sorcerers in the Dead Scar. They are not soulbound and are not quest items (you can collect them when you don't have the quest) as they are also used for the repeatable quest Horde 15 [??] More Spinal Dust.

Description Edit

The dark energy that flows through the bodies of reanimated skeletons tends to accumulate primarily in their spine. I've discovered a method of instilling this energy into a potion that boosts our magical abilities against the undead.

Bring me some [spinal dust] and I'll be glad to provide you with a sample. You'll find an ample number of skeletons wandering the Dead Scar, west of here.


Do you have the samples I requested, <Name>?

Completion Edit

Take this, <name>. You'll feel the difference immediately!

Feel free to bring more spinal dust; I can use as much of it as you can provide. Side effects? You might start feeling your joints acting up a bit. Nothing permanent, I assure you!

Reward Edit

You receive
Inv potion 1955

Notes Edit

Completing this quest allows you to do the repeatable quest Horde 15 [18] More Spinal Dust.

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