Quest:Special Delivery for Brivelthwerp

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Alliance 32 Special Delivery for Brivelthwerp
StartMazzer Stripscrew [78.1, 73.1]
EndBrivelthwerp [69.9, 85.2]
CategoryThousand Needles
Experience45 XP
or 27Copper at Level 110
PreviousCircle the Wagons... er, Boats
NextThe Greatest Flavor in the World!, We All Scream for Ice Cream... and then Die!

Objectives Edit

Deliver the I-Scream Cryocannon to Brivelthwerp at the Sunken Dig Site in Thousand Needles.

Description Edit

I have a new business partner, my best buddy, Brivelthwerp. Even as we speak, he's building up the infrastructure for our new ice cream empire!

He took our coolant tug, inventory, and employees southwest to the Sunken Dig Site. Unfortunately, I don't currently have a way to deliver something to him... something extremely important: our super-secret I-Scream Cryocannon!

You don't mind taking it to him, do you, <name>?

Progress Edit

That's not what I think it is? Is it?!

Completion Edit

That must be the new I-Scream Cryocannon! Ain't she a beauty?!

<Brivelthwerp eyes you shrewdly.>

I'm going to let you in on a secrew, my good <man/lady>: the groundwork for a vast mercantile empire is being laid right here!

Tell me... how do you feel about ice cream?

Notes Edit

Before heading out, search the ship and pick up all of Quiet the Cannons, Where's Whizzle?, A Little Payback and Negotiations. All of those quests are separate to the ice cream storyline, however.

Brivelthwerp can be found on the surface at [69.9, 85.2] above the Sunken Dig Site.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [41] Special Delivery for Brivelthwerp
  2. Alliance 15 [41] The Greatest Flavor in the World! / Alliance 15 [41] We All Scream for Ice Cream... and then Die!
  3. Alliance 15 [41] Freezing the Pipes / Alliance 15 [42] That Smart One's Gotta Go

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