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Alliance 32 Sniffing Them Out
StartPackleader Ivar Bloodfang
EndPackleader Ivar Bloodfang
Requires Level 18
CategoryShadowfang Keep
Experience1,700 XP
or 10Silver19Copper at Level 110
Reputation+500 Gilneas
PreviousAdventurers Wanted: Shadowfang Keep
NextArmored to the Teeth

Objectives Edit

Kill Baron Ashbury.

Description Edit

I could smell Godfrey and his companions a mile away from here. They did an exceedingly poor job covering their tracks in flight. It will be the mistake that puts the final nail in their coffins.

One of them is very close, and though the scent has changed slightly in undeath, I'm fairly certain it's Ashbury's. Go inside and tear him to pieces, we'll ensure the Forsaken do not intervene with our task.

Progress Edit

Kill Ashbury before I lose my patience. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry...

Completion Edit

The scent of freshly spilled traitor blood fills my nostrils, and it is absolutely invigorating. However, my bloodlust will not be sated until Godfrey lies on the floor as a lifeless heap.

He thinks an army of mindless corpses can stop the wrath of the Bloodfang? We'll gnaw on their bones for years to come after our work is done!

Gains Edit

  • 1700 XP
  • 20Silver

Quest Progression Edit

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