Quest:Smoke on the Horizon

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Neutral 32 Smoke on the Horizon
StartWitch Doctor Khufu
EndSergeant Riannah
Requires Level 64
Experience2,100 XP
or 12Silver59Copper at Level 110

Objectives Edit

Khufu in Zim'Torga wants you to travel to Light's Breach and report to Sergeant Riannah there.

Maaka will provide you with transportation there.

Description Edit

You hear that, <race>?

The clamor of battle far to the west reaches us here, even over the din of our own struggle.

The Scourge are threatening to break through the lines of those calling themselves the Argent Crusade. Preventing this is as urgent as anything in the region.

Travel to Light's Breach and join in their struggle. Speak to Maaka and he will provide you safe passage.

Completion Edit

The Light shall prevail!

Rewards Edit

  • 60Silver


  • 2100 XP (of 1Gold 25Silver at level 80)

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