This quest requires you to go to the instance Wailing Caverns in The Barrens and loot 6 Wailing Essences from oozes there.

Objectives Edit

Bring 6 portions of [Wailing Essence] to Mebok Mizzyrix in Ratchet.

Details Edit

Evolving, devouring, and nightmare ectoplasms drop the essences. It is a 100% drop rate.

Description Edit

Ok, so the raptor horns didn't work so well. But that's all right -- no one got rich on their first try! And besides, I think I found something that'll work even better in my smart drinks!

There is a substance called Wailing Essence, and I think it is the cause of the strange plants and animals in the Barrens. Get me some and I'll try it in my drink!

I heard the essence gathers in ectoplasmic creatures in the Wailing Caverns to the west. Hunt those creatures and gather the essence.

Rewards Edit


Progress Edit

Where is my wailing essence?

Completion Edit

Great, you got it! I can't wait to try it out. This is going to make me a fortune, I just know it!

Thank you, <name>. Take this, and after I'm rich I'll send you more, I promise!

Quest ChainEdit

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