Quest:Slaves to Saronite (Horde)

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For the alliance version, see Quest:Slaves to Saronite (Alliance).
Horde 32 Slaves to Saronite
StartBrother Keltan
EndBrother Keltan
Requires Level 77
Experience22,050 XP
or 1Gold32Silver29Copper at Level 110
ReputationArgent Crusade +250
Rewards7Gold 40Silver
PreviousOrgrim's Hammer

Objectives Edit

Brother Keltan aboard Orgrim's Hammer wants you to rescue 10 Saronite Mine Slaves.

Description Edit

Our people are being captured and put to work as slaves in the saronite mines of Ymirheim, the vrykul stronghold in the middle of Icecrown. The Lich King has them mining that unholy ore day and night.

I made a promise to Highlord Fordring that we would get those wretches out of there alive, and that's exactly what we will do.

Unfortunately, I've been ordered to stay on this gunship and serve as an ambassador to the Warsong Offensive. Will you please rescue them in my stead, <name>?

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 40Silver

Completion Edit

They're being driven insane? Voices in their heads?

Voices in your head?!

I want you to clear your mind of the taint that has crept into that place, boy.

We'll try to get the remainder of them out of there again tomorrow when you've had a chance to rest.

Notes Edit

The miners stand a chance of attacking or running deeper into the cave instead of going free.

Deep in the mine stands Darkspeaker R'khem who will offer you the quest Mind Tricks.

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