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Objectives Edit

Bring Sathiel's Goods to Skymistress Gloaming just outside Silvermoon City's Shepherd's Gate.

Description Edit

It doesn't look as if you have a cart or a beast of burden with you, so I'd better send you back only with what you can carry. If you've spoken with Skymaster Brightdawn at Fairbreeze Village, then you should get this to Sathiel as soon as possible by flying back.

Take these goods for final inspection to Skymistress Gloaming just outside Silvermoon City's Shepherd's Gate.

Progress Edit

Wow, that box of goods you have there looks heavy! You want to load that up on one of my flying beauties?

Completion Edit

Back down to Fairbreeze Village in Eversong Woods, then? Sure, I can get you there fast!

Quest progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [10] Goods from Silvermoon City
  2. Horde 15 [10] Fly to Silvermoon City
  3. Horde 15 [10] Skymistress Gloaming
  4. Horde 15 [10] Return to Sathiel

Patch changes Edit

  • 0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3 (15-Nov-2010): Updated for Cataclysm.

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