Quest:Sirana Iceshriek

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Neutral 32 Sirana Iceshriek
StartGlorthal Stiffbeard
EndGlorthal Stiffbeard
Requires Level 77
TypeGroup 3
CategoryThe Storm Peaks
Experience27,000 XP
or 1Gold62Silver at Level 100
Reputation+350 The Frostborn
Rewards[Wand of Chilled Renewal], [Iceshrieker's Touch], [Razor-sharp Ice Shards], or [Weighted Throwing Axe]
PreviousStemming the Aggressors


Glorthal Stiffbeard at Frosthold wants you to kill Sirana Iceshriek.

Suggested Players [3]


This Sirana Iceshriek sounds like the one that's spurring the harpies to be more aggressive. If we kill her, I suspect their attacks won't last long afterwards.

One of our stormriders claims to have spotted her circling the peak directly northwest of here. Go find the wench and put her down. Let's see this done.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv wand 12
[Wand of Chilled Renewal]
Inv wand 1h stratholme d 01
[Iceshrieker's Touch]
Ability piercedamage
[Razor-sharp Ice Shards]
Inv axe 09
[Weighted Throwing Axe]


It's too cold here for the usual pests... we get harpies. Lucky us.


It's done then, thank you.

I've spoken with Fjorlin - he said that his men will take charge of keeping the harpies down a bit. As long as we don't let up again, they won't find the courage to think they can attack our people.

I know this wasn't the most tasteful work - take this as a token of my appreciation.


Sirana has ~126k health and can be found circling the peak just northwest of Frosthold at [25, 67]

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [78] Offering Thanks
  2. Official alliance mini-icon [78] Missing Scouts
  3. Official alliance mini-icon [78] Stemming the Aggressors
  4. Official alliance mini-icon [78G3] Sirana Iceshriek

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