Quest:Signs of the Legion

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Alliance 32 Signs of the Legion
Start[Tzerak's Armor Plate]
EndVindicator Aalesia
Requires Level 10
CategoryBloodmyst Isle
Experience100 XP
or 60Copper at Level 100
RewardsMoney and XP


Kill 8 Nazzivus Satyr and 8 Nazzivus Felsworn, then bring [Tzerak's Armor Plate] to Vindicator Aalesia in Blood Watch.


The armor scrap is forged from a deep black metal that seems to absorb light. Although it doesn't appear to be enchanted, there is an unmistakable sense of wrongness about it.

Such armor is only used by one force - the Burning Legion. The Legion's presence here can only mean that they're intending to mobilize the island's satyr against the draenei.

Take action against the local satyr, then return to Blood Watch and show this armor scrap to Vindicator Aalesia.


Yes, <class>? What is it you have there?


You've done well in bringing this to me, <name>. This is, without a doubt, an armor fragment from a felguard.

Then, it is as I feared. The Nazzivus satyr are renewing their contacts with the Burning Legion. If we don't stop them, the satyrs and their demonic allies will overrun us. I will notify Harbinger Mikolaas right away.

Rewards Edit

  • 6Silver
  • 975 XP
  • 250 reputation with Exodar

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