Objectives Edit

Destroy 4 Northwatch Siege Engines at the Mulgore Gates.

Description Edit

<name>, you've proven yourself on the Fields of Blood. But the Alliance still threatens our tauren friends.

The siege machinery outside the gates of Mulgore is like a spear aimed at our heart. I want you to go to the gates, south of here, and remove those siege vehicles from play.

Here, use these stickybombs. They're courtesy of our new goblin allies. It looks as though they stuffed explosive powder into ... what looks like ... grease-covered socks. But they'll do.




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv gauntlets 119
[Bloodhilt Gloves]
Inv boots leather 11
[Grease-Covered Boots]
Inv wand 02
[Groady Goblin Wand]
Inv shield 32
[Pewter Slab]

You will also recieve: 30Silver

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