Quest:Shutting Down Manaforge Duro (Scryers)

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Neutral 32 Shutting Down Manaforge Duro (Scryers)
StartSpymaster Thalodien
EndSpymaster Thalodien
Requires Level 67
Experience12,650 XP
or 75Silver90Copper at Level 100
PreviousNeutral 15 [68] Return to Thalodienω τ ϖ
NextNeutral 15 [70] Shutting Down Manaforge Ara (Scryers)ω τ ϖ


Return to Manaforge Duro and obtain the Duro Access Crystal from Overseer Athanel. Use it at the Duro Control Console to shut it down and report back to Spymaster Thalodien. Performing quests for the Scryers will cause your Aldor reputation level to decrease.


So Manaforge Duro is under attack and Sunfury forces have lost control? What a dilemma! If Duro goes down, then Tempest Keep goes down. Only drawback is... if Tempest Keep is destroyed, the explosion will probably take what little remains of this forsaken land with it. Dead Kael'thas is good. Dead everyone else is... not that great, I suppose. It pains me to ask this of you, but go to Manaforge Duro and shut it down before it goes up in flames. The access crystal is held by Overseer Athanel.


Did you complete the shut down?  You should hurry before I change my mind about the whole deal.


That makes three manaforges you've shut down, <name>.  Kael'thas must be having a real fit right about now.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression

Quest:Report to Spymaster Thalodien/Quest chain

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