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| level = 10
| level = 10
| levelreq = 10
| levelreq = 10
| type = [[Fishing]]
| type = Daily
| category = Thunder Bluff
| category = Fishing
| start = [[Kah Mistrunner]]
| start = [[Kah Mistrunner]]
| end = [[Nahari Cloudchaser]]
| end = [[Nahari Cloudchaser]]

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Horde 32 Shiny Baubles
StartKah Mistrunner
EndNahari Cloudchaser
Requires Level 10
Experience2 XP
or 1Copper at Level 100
ReputationThunder Bluff+250
Rewards[Bag of Shiny Things]
Scales by level

Objectives Edit

Nahari Cloudchaser in Thunder Bluff wants 20 Shiny Stones from around the central rise's base.

Description Edit

One of a fisher's most simple and effective tools is the shiny bauble; affixed to a line, even the most novice angler has a chance at a catch.

With all the fishing going on of late, though, Thunder Bluff is in woefully short supply!

Might I ask you to collect shiny stones from around the base of the central rise? Bring them to Nahari Cloudchaser so that she might craft more shiny baubles with them.

Progress Edit

Did you happen to bring me any shiny stones?

Completion Edit

My, these are some very lovely stones! They'll make perfect shiny baubles, thank you.

Here... Kah told me you'd be by with the stones, and to give this to you upon your arrival.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

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