Once you kill Sharptalon, loot Sharptalon's Claw to start the quest.

Objectives Edit

Bring Sharptalon's Claw to Senani Thunderheart[49, 65] at Silverwind Refuge.


Description Edit

The mighty hippogryph Sharptalon has been slain, with the claw of the felled beast serving as a testament to your victory.

Senani Thunderheart at the Silverwind Refuge will no doubt be interested in seeing this trophy as proof of your deeds.


What have you there, <class>? Could it be....?

Completion Edit

You have slain the beast?

I owe you a great debt, friend. That beast terrorized many over the years, but its death holds special meaning to me.

You see, recently my brother fell victim to these very claws... I shall sleep well now, knowing that he has been avenged.

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