Quest:Shadow Priest Sarvis

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Horde 32 Shadow Priest Sarvis
StartDeathguard Saltain
EndShadow Priest Sarvis
Experience15 XP
or 9Copper at Level 100
NextScourge on our Perimeter

Objectives Edit

Speak with Shadow Priest Sarvis at Deathknell in Tirisfal Glades.

Description Edit

Are you still here, <name>? You know, I'm only a deathguard. I don't have many tasks I can hand out to passers-by like you.

I'd recommend that you talk to Shadow Priest Sarvis. I remember, he helped me get on my feet after I was plucked out of that tomb. I'm sure he'll do the same for you.

You'll find him just inside the chapel, here on the west side of town.

Completion Edit

Greetings, <name>.

I see you wield a weapon. Can you fight?

Quest progression Edit

  1. Official horde mini-icon [1] Fresh out of the Grave
  2. Official horde mini-icon [1] The Shadow Grave
  3. Official horde mini-icon [1] Those That Couldn't Be Saved
  4. Official horde mini-icon [1] Caretaker Caice
  5. Official horde mini-icon [1] The Wakening
  6. Official horde mini-icon [1] Beyond the Graves
  7. Official horde mini-icon [2] Recruitment
  8. Official horde mini-icon [2] Shadow Priest Sarvis
  9. Official horde mini-icon [3] Scourge on our Perimeter
  10. Official horde mini-icon [3] The Truth of the Grave
  11. Class quests
  12. Official horde mini-icon [3] The Executor In the Field
  13. Official horde mini-icon [2] The Damned
  14. Official horde mini-icon [4] Night Web's Hollow
  15. Official horde mini-icon [4] No Better Than the Zombies
  16. Official horde mini-icon [5] Assault on the Rotbrain Encampment
  17. Official horde mini-icon [5] Vital Intelligence

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