Quest:Shadow Magic

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Alliance 32 Shadow Magic
StartAlliance 15 Marshal Marris
EndAlliance 15 Marshal Marris
Requires Level 18
CategoryRedridge Mountains
Experience230-2,300 XP
or  at Level 110
ReputationStormwind +350

Task Edit

Bring 3 [Midnight Orb] to Marshal Marris in Lakeshire.

The Blackrock orcs enlisted shadowcasters to aid their attacks in Redridge, and they have brought with them devices of dark power--midnight orbs. These orbs have struck telling blows against Redridge's defenders, and it's imperative we remove the demon-tainted items from the conflict.

Find and deliver to me midnight orbs from slain Blackrock shadowcasters. I will then have them disposed of, for this world would be a better place without them!

Reward Edit

  • 230-2300 XP
  • 15Silver

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