Objectives Edit

Obtain a Fel Reaver Power Core and a Fel Reaver Armor Plate, then bring them to Blood Guard Gulmok at Shadowmoon Village.

Description Edit

We can't allow the Legion to trample us on their march to Black Temple.

Find a way to destroy the infernals they intend to use against us. That's not a request, <name>; it's an order.

The Fetid Pool near Legion Hold holds an old fel reaver power core you could use as the basis for a kind of fel bomb. Search the other wreckage near the fel reaver for a section of armor plating. You should be able to make a bomb powerful enough to take out those infernals and give the hold a nice shake!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 4Gold 10Silver

Progress Edit

<You hand the materials to Gulmok.>

Completion Edit

<Gulmok slips the power core inside of the casing, then seals it.>

That should do the trick. I wouldn't want to be in the hold when that thing goes off.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [67] Visions of Destruction or Horde 15 [67] Kroghan's Report
  2. Alliance 15 [69] Besieged! or Horde 15 [69] Besieged!
  3. Alliance 15 [69] To Legion Hold or Horde 15 [69] To Legion Hold
  4. Alliance 15 [69] Setting Up the Bomb or Horde 15 [69] Setting Up the Bomb
  5. Alliance 15 [69] Blast the Infernals! or Horde 15 [69] Blast the Infernals!
  6. Alliance 15 [69] The Deathforge or Horde 15 [69] The Deathforge
  7. Alliance 15 [69] Minions of the Shadow Council or Horde 15 [69] Minions of the Shadow Council
  8. Next part is completing the following quests:
  9. Alliance 15 [69] Bring Down the Warbringer! or Horde 15 [69] Bring Down the Warbringer!
  10. Alliance 15 [69] Gaining Access or Horde 15 [69] Gaining Access
  11. Alliance 15 [69] Invasion Point: Cataclysm or Horde 15 [69] Invasion Point: Cataclysm
  12. Alliance 15 [69] The Art of Fel Reaver Maintenance or Horde 15 [69] The Art of Fel Reaver Maintenance
  13. Alliance 15 [69] The Fel and the Furious or Horde 15 [69] The Fel and the Furious
  14. Alliance 15 [70] News of Victory or Horde 15 [70] News of Victory

Notes Edit

The armor plate is not near the Fetid Pool as the quest text may imply. Search north of Legion Hold for what looks like a small Fel Reaver being assembled.

Trivia Edit

The name of this quest could be a reference to the phrase "Someone set us up the bomb", which is part of the opening scene to the 1980s video game Zero Wing. The game became infamous for the "All your base are belong to us" phenomenon.

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