Quest:Seize the Ambassador

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Alliance 32 Seize the Ambassador
StartMoira Bronzebeard
EndMoira Bronzebeard
Requires Level 7
Experience840 XP
or 5Silver4Copper at Level 110
PreviousWhatever is right after Quest:Grimaxe's_Demise


The ambassador's betrayal will long haunt me. You must arrest him before he can do further harm, or worse, before he can escape and start planning the next attack. Ironforge is not safe with Ambassador Slaghammer free inside the city. Take these manacles and go to the Dark Iron embassy. It's just to the north of the High Seat, around the rim of the Great Forge. Arrest Ambassador Slaghammer and return with him.


   *  840 experience
   * 3s 50c (+ 5s 10c at level 80)
   * 250 reputation with Ironforge
   * 250 reputation with Gnomeregan

Location of Ambassador SlaghammerEdit

The location of Ambassador Slaghammer has changed since the patch before the Shattering. Blizzard has yet to update the map display for were the Ambassador is.

This is his new location.

NPC location ambassador slaghammer

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