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Horde 32 Seeking Answers
StartLorewalker Cho
EndMeditation Candle
CategoryJade Forest
Experience52,050 XP
or 3Gold12Silver30Copper at Level 110
Rewards7Gold 10Silver
PreviousSacred Scroll
NextCairn of Bone

Objectives Edit

Use the candles to meditate at the Cairn of Blood.

  • Meditated at Cairn of Blood

Description Edit

<Cho endures your stream of questions before speaking.>

So much to ponder, traveler...

You first must learn how to ask before your mind can discern the truth.

I have completed my meditations for today, but my candles remain at the Cairn of Blood.

Go there. Clear your mind. We will speak again when you are prepared to hear my words.

Completion Edit

While the nap was nice, you don't feel any closer to having your questions answered.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 52050 XP
  • 7Gold 10Silver

Note Edit

To get to the Cairn, head down the Path of Enlightenment. It will be the third road on the right.

Progression Edit

Patch changes Edit

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