Seeker of Truth is the followup to Neutral 15 [70] The Great Murkblood Revolt. Players are asked to retrieve information and a [Hand of the Overseer] from a Murkblood Overseer in the Netherwing Mines.

Objectives Edit

Find a Murkblood Overseer and interrogate him. Return to the Mistress of the Mines with the Murkblood information and the [Hand of the Overseer].

You will need:

Details Edit

Murkblood Overseers are in the flayer area of the Netherwing Mines. Pay attention to the Overseer's gossip text while interrogating him.

Description Edit

These miners are far too stupid to concoct any type of escape plan. We must find and punish the source. Venture into the depths of the mine and seek out the Murkblood overseers. If they have not been overcome by the denizens of the mine, they will undoubtedly be hiding.

Once you locate one, interrogate him until he reveals the true mastermind behind the escape. Return to me with the identity of this traitor and the hand of the overseer.

Progress Edit

Well? What's taking so long?

Conversation with the Murkblood Overseer Edit

<The Murkblood overseer grunts.>

GossipgossipiconI am here for you, overseer.

They sent you to kill me, eh? So predictable... Creatures ruled by terror are all the same.

But you... You are not one of them...

GossipgossipiconHow dare you question an overseer of the Dragonmaw!


You are no more an overseer than I am the king of Stormwind. Yes... You are the one they speak of.

GossipgossipiconWho speaks of me? What are you talking about, broken?

The Netherwing. They speak to us. They offered us peace and protection. Something the broken have never truly felt. We accepted their offer and assisted Toranaku in rousing the creatures of this mine - at great personal cost to us. Many of my brothers gave their lives for this offensive. We were attempting to make the mine uninhabitable, forcing the Dragonmaw to relocate and ultimately move off of this island.

GossipgossipiconContinue please.

The Dragonmaw are corrupt. They are strip-mining this island of all natural resources and using those resources to supply Illidan's armies out of the Black Temple. They take much for themselves, however, and sell whatever they have hidden away to the highest bidder.

GossipgossipiconWho are these bidders?

We do not know. We believe that the Black dragonflight is involved as are some independent third parties. That is why you are here, <race>. You will unravel this mystery from the inside and bring redemption to Netherwing.

And now... I can only assume she asked you to bring back my hand.

GossipgossipiconWell... yes.

I gladly make such a sacrifice if it means the downfall of the Dragonmaw.

[Hand of the Overseer] acquired
Murkblood Information Gathered.

Completion Edit

Nothing to say? Perhaps as he lies bleeding to death on the floor of this cursed mine he will remember... Remember what it means to cross the forces of Illidan!

Reward Edit

You will receive: 4Gold 40Silver

Quest Progression Edit


May or may not be a reference to The Sword of Truth series of books.

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