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'''Securing the Ramparts''' is one of the [[Icecrown Citadel (instance)|Icecrown Citadel]] [[weekly quest|weekly raid quests]].
'''Securing the Ramparts''' is one of the [[Icecrown Citadel (instance)|Icecrown Citadel]] [[weekly quest#Weekly Icecrown quests|weekly raid quests]].

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Horde 32 Securing the Ramparts
StartKor'kron Lieutenant
EndKor'kron Lieutenant
TypeWeekly Raid
CategoryIcecrown Citadel
Experience44,100 XP
or 2Gold64Silver59Copper at Level 100
Reputation+350 Ashen Verdict
RewardsSack of Frosty Treasures
29Gold 60Silver

Securing the Ramparts is one of the Icecrown Citadel weekly raid quests.


Slay the Rotting Frost Giant.

  • Rotting Frost Giant slain


As if this place weren't enough of a madhouse to begin with, we're fighting a war on two fronts up here, with the Scourge on one side and those blasted Alliance dogs on our other flank!

We are here to clear a safe landing for our vessels, but a behemoth of a giant on the other side of the Ramparts is hurling debris at anything that comes close and keeping our smaller ships at bay.

I'll be honest -- he's a bit much for us to handle, but you and your companions look up to the task.


Is the giant dead?


The giant is dead? Praise the Light!

The way onward and upward is clear. Take some of these spoils of the battle as a token of our gratitude, and we will drink together in celebration once the Frozen Throne has been ground to dust!


You will receive: 29Gold 60Silver
Inv misc bag 16
[Sack of Frosty Treasures]

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For the strategy discussion, see Rotting Frost Giant.

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