Elixir of Shadows is needed to interact with the Talonpriests for this

quest, although not for credit for kills.

Talonpriest Ishaal, one of the assassination targets for this mission, drops a book that starts another quest: Ishaal's Almanac.

Objectives Edit

Obtain an Elixir of Shadows from Severin and use it to find and slay Talonpriest Ishaal, Talonpriest Skizzik and Talonpriest Zellek in Skettis. Return to Commander Adaris after completing this task.

Quest Text Edit

Thank you for paying heed to my fevered rants. All along we had been trying to identify and destroy the Skettis chain of command; we had learned of three clerics known as the talonpriests, but we'd never seen them with our own two eyes. Now we know why.

Talk to Severin to obtain more of the elixir he discovered. Use the elixir to find and kill the three talonpriests: Ishaal, Skizzik and Zellek. They're rumored to dwell in Veil Ala'rak, near the eastern shore of Blackwind Lake.

Progresss Edit

Is the deed done, <name>? I'd kill those blasted birdmen myself if it weren't for my injuries.

Completion Edit

You've done well, <name>. You've dealt a tremendous blow to the enemy by slaying the talonpriests.

Rewards Edit


When preparing to attack the Talonpriests on the platforms, you will want to kill any Monsterous Kaliri that are nearby, as well as the live arakkoa on the platform, before making use of the Elixir. The bridges have fewer time-lost on them, but are more subject to bird attacks. Forewarned is forearmed.

In general... do not be directly on the tree-house platform when taking the Elixir of Shadows. Even if you have cleared all the living mobs from the platform, when you take the elixir, you suddenly be exposed to all the time-lost mobs. Fewer of the time-lost are on the bridges, so that is a much better place to take the elixir when preparing to attack.

You need to be under the influence of the Elixir of Shadows in order to see and interact with the Talonpriests. The elixir persists through death.

However, if you are in a group with someone killing the Talonpriests, you need not have the elixir effect on you in order to get credit for the kill... but you will be unable to affect the Talonpriest itself. (You can still heal and buff your party, though, so you won't be entirely useless.)

Talonpriest Ishaal drops a book, Ishaal's Almanac, that starts the quest of the same name.

Save any Time-Lost Scrolls you find; you will need them later.

Notes on the Talonpriests Edit

Talonpriest Skizzik Edit

  • Coordinates: 69,81
  • In a hut, next to the lake.

Has a fairly constant Psychic Scream (fear) and Mind Flay. Beware the adds from being run out of the hut. You don't want to sit and try to tank this either. There's usually a mob in the hut with him. The Mind Flay ticks for around 800, he'll eat through you very fast.

Talonpriest Ishaal Edit

  • Coordinates: 69,78
  • On the tree house platform.

Has a flash heal and tons of mana. Stop the heals if you can. A good tactic for priests is to use mana burn first.

Talonpriest Zellek Edit

  • Coordinates: 69,74
  • On the tree house platform.

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