Quest:Secret of the Circle

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Neutral 32 Secret of the Circle
StartMarvon Rivetseeker
EndIdol of Hakkar
Requires Level 46
Experience1,200-6,100 XP
or  at Level 110
PreviousNeutral 15 [51] Into the Depths

Objectives Edit

Travel into the Sunken Temple and discover the secret hidden in the circle of statues.

Quest Text Edit

My memories are cloudy, but I will tell you what I can. The circle of statues in the Sunken Temple, while dangerous, I believe that they hold the secret to unlock an even greater treasure.

From the main altar, I was able to activate a series of lights. I think that if you can uncover what these lights mean, you might be able to unlock whatever secrets are hiding in this room.

I warn you though, <name>. Great evil lies in the temple. It's likely that anything valuable will be fervently guarded...

Details Edit

  • You need to click on the serpent statues in a specific order.
  1. South
  2. North
  3. Southwest
  4. Southeast
  5. Northwest
  6. Northeast
  • After you clicked on the statues in the correct order, a big altar will appear in the water below along with a miniboss guardian. Kill the miniboss and then click on the altar to get your reward.

Reward Edit

Quest ProgressionEdit

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