Quest:Secret Communication

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Neutral 32 Secret Communication
StartBor Wildmane
EndBor Wildmane
Experience6,600 XP
or 39Silver60Copper at Level 100
Reputation500 with Cenarion Circle
NextNeutral 15 [60] Encrypted Twilight Texts


Bring 10 Encrypted Twilight Texts to Bor Wildmane in Cenarion Hold.

Quest Text

Some of the Twilight's Hammer cultists carry around little papers with gibberish written on them. I want you to bring me a stack of them.

I can't figure out what the gibberish means, but that's not the point! These papers are how their different groups communicate secretly. The more texts we take out of circulation, the less they can communicate!


See Encrypted Twilight Text on how to obtain them.


Additional Notes

This leads to Neutral 15 [60] Encrypted Twilight Texts, which is a repeatable quest that allows you to turn in Encrypted Twilight Texts for reputation with Cenarion Circle.

Patch changes

Quest Progression

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Quest ID8318 +
Quest factionNeutral +
Quest level60 +
Quest nameSecret Communication +

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