Objectives Edit

Use the Ettin Control Orb to control an ettin and then use the Ettin Control Orb on your Subdued Canyon Ettin to lift the Huge Boulder off of Foreman Oslow at Lakeshire.

Provided item: Inv chaos orb [Ettin Control Orb]

Description Edit

<Upon touching the orb you hear a faint click.>

<You remove the orb from the pedestal.>

You now control the orb, therefore you now control the ettins. Maybe you can use an ettin to remove the huge boulder currently crushing Foreman Oslow over at Lakeshire. Find an ettin and use the orb on the ettin. Then head over to Lakeshire.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv hammer 23
[Solomon's Gavel]
Inv bracer 07
[Leverage Bracers]
Inv sword 10
[Sword of the Falling Sky]

You will also receive: 25Silver

Progress Edit

That boulder fell from the sky. It's a miracle he's still alive.

Completion Edit

You used an ettin to remove the boulder that was crushing Foreman Oslow? Incredible work, <name>! Oslow will be grateful once he regains his composure.

Notes Edit

Exit the cave and head out to find a Canyon Ettin. Get close, then use the control orb to tame it. It's now a guardian that hits rather hard. Take advantage of this to kill Yowler for Yowler Must Die! before heading down to the bridge to save the foreman.

Getting close to the bridge, "Use your Ettin Control Orb to force your ettin to lift the boulder!" appears as a reminder. Use the orb and watch the script event:

Subdued Canyon Ettin says: ROCK NOT SO HEAVY! PUNY HUMIES!
The ettin effortlessly picks up the rock and holds it over his head. Oslow stands up, dusts himself off and looks in horror at what's about to happen.
Subdued Canyon Ettin says: Where trow? TROW ON BRIDGE??
Bridge Worker Alex says: NOOOOOO!!!
Bridge Worker Matthew says: ANYWHERE BUT THE BRIDGE!
Bridge Worker Jess says: NOOOOOO!!!
Subdued Canyon Ettin says: OK! Me trow in water!
The ettin runs to the dock east of the bridge, turns left, and safely tosses it in the lake. It then runs back up into the canyons to the north.
Subdued Canyon Ettin yells: BYE, BYE, DADDY!

Quest progressionEdit

Optional lead-in: Hero's Call: Redridge Mountains!

  1. Alliance 15 [15] Still Assessing the Threat
  2. Alliance 15 [16] Parker's Report
  3. Alliance 15 [16] We Must Prepare!
  4. Alliance 15 [16] Tuning the Gnomecorder
  5. Alliance 15 [16] Canyon Romp
  6. Alliance 15 [16] They've Wised Up...
  7. Alliance 15 [16] Yowler Must Die!
  8. Alliance 15 [17] John J. Keeshan
  9. Alliance 15 [17] This Ain't My War
  10. Alliance 15 [17] In Search of Bravo Company
  11. Alliance 15 [17] Breaking Out is Hard to Do
  12. Alliance 15 [17] Jorgensen
  13. Alliance 15 [17] Krakauer
  14. Alliance 15 [17] And Last But Not Least... Danforth
  15. Alliance 15 [17] Return of the Bravo Company
  16. Alliance 15 [18] They Drew First Blood
  17. Alliance 15 [18] It's Never Over
  18. Complete all of:
  19. Alliance 15 [18] Prisoners of War
  20. Alliance 15 [18] To Win a War, You Gotta Become War
  21. Alliance 15 [18] Detonation
  22. Alliance 15 [19] The Dark Tower
  23. Alliance 15 [19] The Grand Magus Doane
  24. Alliance 15 [20] AHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!
  25. Alliance 15 [20] Showdown at Stonewatch
  26. Alliance 15 [20] Darkblaze, Brood of the Worldbreaker
  27. Alliance 15 [20] Triumphant Return

Patch historyEdit

Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3 (15-Nov-2010): Added

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