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Bring 7 Uncloven Satyr Hooves to Ula'elek at Sen'jin Village in Durotar.

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I can make you a pair of brutal gauntlets, and great magic will they hold. But first, you must collect this magic and bring it to me.

The satyrs dwell in northeastern Ashenvale because of the forest's power. They feed off its purity, leeching and corrupting. You can tell which satyrs have drawn the most of Ashenvale's magic by their swollen, uncloven hooves.

These hooves hold great power. I will need them for your gauntlets' crafting.

Progress Edit

Do you have the hooves, <name>? The magic within them is strong.

Completion Edit

Ah, you have them! Now, just as the Satyrs leeched the strength of Ashenvale, I will leech the power held within these hooves and harness it into my crafting...

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