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Neutral 32 Samophlange (3)
StartControl Console [52, 12]
EndControl Console [52, 12]
Requires Level 11
CategoryThe Barrens
Experience750 XP
or 4Silver50Copper at Level 110
ReputationRatchet +150
PreviousNeutral 15 [??] Samophlange
NextNeutral 15 [??] Samophlange

Task Edit

Get the [Console Key] from Tinkerer Sniggles[53, 10] to use on the control console.

Reward Edit

Experience only.

Description Edit

With the apparatus deactivated, the control panel can be opened up and the samophlange removed from the console. With everything else in place, all that is left is to acquire the key to unlock the console.

Progress Edit

The console lights are dimmed and the gauges and dials all read at their zero positions, everything idling.

Completion Edit

Turning the key in the lock, the control console unlocks. A red light at the top of the console turns off and all power drains from the terminal.

Notes Edit

The [Console Key] drops from Tinkerer Sniggles who can be found inside the hut north-east of the quest giving console. As this is a key, you do not need an inventory slot for it, as it will go onto your keyring.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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