Quest:Salve via Mining

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Neutral 32 Salve via Mining
StartOfficial alliance mini-icon Arathandris Silversky Official horde mini-icon Maybess Riverbreeze
EndOfficial alliance mini-icon Arathandris Silversky Official horde mini-icon Maybess Riverbreeze
Requires Level 48
Rewards2x[Cenarion Plant Salve]

Horde receive this quest from Official horde mini-icon Maybess Riverbreeze, while Alliance get it from Official alliance mini-icon Arathandris Silversky. The first time it is completed, it counts towards the Achievement zone kalimdor 01 [Loremaster of Kalimdor] achievement. The repeatable version offered after that does not.

This quest is only offered to miners.

Objectives Edit

If you possess a Cenarion beacon while mining in Felwood, you will be able to see tainted vitriol that corrupts a vein of raw metal. I know how to purify that vitriol and turn it into a reagent that goes into making Cenarion plant salve. You will then use that salve on plants you find in the wild that need saving.

If you have collected any tainted vitriol, I'll give you some Cenarion plant salve I have already prepared.

Completion Edit

Very well then, here's some Cenarion plant salve. If you find more vitriol when you mine in Felwood, remember to hold on to it for me! The more of it you find, the more salve I will be able to make.

Reward Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

The first time this is completed, you also gain 6100 XP.

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