Quest:Salve via Gathering

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Neutral 32 Salve via Gathering
StartOfficial alliance mini-icon Arathandris Silversky Official horde mini-icon Maybess Riverbreeze
EndOfficial alliance mini-icon Arathandris Silversky Official horde mini-icon Maybess Riverbreeze
Requires Level 48
Rewards2x[Cenarion Plant Salve]

Horde receive this quest from Official horde mini-icon Maybess Riverbreeze, while Alliance get it from Official alliance mini-icon Arathandris Silversky. The first time it is completed, it counts towards the Achievement zone kalimdor 01 [Loremaster of Kalimdor] achievement. The repeatable version offered after that does not.

This quest is only offered to Herbalists.

Objectives Edit

A Cenarion beacon allows a seasoned herbalist to spot insidious fel creep - a malfeasant product of Felwood's corruption. My work here has taught me the knowledge of purifying fel creep into a cleansing reagent... used in what we now refer to as Cenarion plant salve.

When you gather herbs in Felwood, you should encounter the fel creep so long as you have the beacon. In exchange for what you bring to me, I will give you pre-made Cenarion plant salve.

Completion Edit

Excellent work <name> - every bit of this, once we purify it, will help us take back Felwood. Here, take some doses of Cenarion plant salve and head into the forest. The reclaiming of the land from the corruption waits for no <race>!

Reward Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

The first time this is completed, you also gain 6100 XP.

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