Lord Saltheril needs party supplies, and you have been charged to gather them.

Objectives Edit

Speak with Lord Saltheril at Saltheril's Haven in Eversong Woods.

Description Edit

I swear that I'm going to fireball someone if I get one more request from Lord Saltheril concerning supplies for his party! Do I look like a party planner?! Between you and me, that fool and his sycophants are living in denial that we're under attack here!

Some of us are actually busy with, oh, I don't know, defending what's left of Quel'Thalas! <class>, would you please head over to Saltheril's Haven and see if you can shut him up? It's just down the road to the west.

Progress Edit

Oh, hello there... um, what's your name?

No matter, what brings you to my home-away-from-home here out in the beautiful countryside?

Completion Edit

Ah, good of Magistrix Dawnstrider to finally respond to my simple requests. I should take up the matter of her attitude with the regent lord in Silvermoon. She's quite rude!

Nothing for you to worry your little head over. Now that you're here, maybe I'll finally be able to get those party supplies that I've been waiting for?

Gains Edit

Quest progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [9] Saltheril's Haven
  2. Horde 15 [9] The Party Never Ends