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Neutral 32 Safety Is Job One
StartArtificer Morphalius
EndEthereal Transporter Control Panel
Requires Level 64
Experience14,150 XP
or 84Silver89Copper at Level 100
ReputationConsortium +350
Rewards8Gold 49Silver (compensation at level 70)
NextSomeone Else's Hard Work Pays Off

Objectives Edit

Artificer Morphalius wants you to kill 10 Ethereal Crypt Raiders, 5 Ethereal Sorcerers, 5 Nexus Stalkers and 5 Ethereal Spellbinders.

Once that's done, find the Ethereal Transporter in the chamber before Shaffar's and activate it.


Description Edit

Shaffar's ethereals have completely blocked us out of the Mana-Tombs. Thankfully, I've got a plan. While we can't go in through the front door, there are sure to be several transporters inside.

I want you to clear the way for my crew first and then I want you to activate one of their transporters to teleport us inside.

Activate the teleporter in the chamber right before Shaffar's chambers when the way has been cleared. Don't worry, I'll make it worth your while...

Completion Edit

<You close your eyes and press a button.>

Quest ProgressionEdit

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