In Sacred Fire, Motega Firemane sends you to collect [Incendia Agave] from the area around Darkcloud Pinnacle and bring them to Magatha Grimtotem in Thunder Bluff. This is the third quest in the Arikara quest chain, a series of quests involving the serpent Arikara in Thousand Needles. The first quest Alien Egg can be picked up at Freewind Post in Thousand Needles from Hagar Lightninghoof.

To Get This Quest Edit

Turn in Horde 15 [26] Serpent Wild to Motega Firemane at Whitereach Post in Thousand Needles, then speak to him again to receive this quest.

Objectives Edit

Gather 10 bushels of [Incendia Agave], and then consult Magatha Grimtotem on Elder Rise in Thunderbluff.

You will need:

this quest. Other classes should have no problem soloing this quest.

Rough coordinates for the lake: (36,36) - just go to the big lake on the map.

Turn in this quest to Magatha Grimtotem on Elder Rise in Thunderbluff. Her coordinates are (70,31).

Description Edit

Arikara is a deadly creature that must be dealt with swiftly. In order to hunt her down you will need to light the sacred fire of life - this will summon Arikara.

Go now and harvest the rare Incendia agave plant. Once you have harvested enough agave, seek council with Magatha Grimtotem on Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff. She is a powerful shaman that can enchant the agave plant to create a powder that will light the fire.

Travel northeast to the Boiling Pool and gather Incendia Agave.

Progress Edit

So, Motega Firemain sends word of Arikara...well now that is grave news.

<Magatha looks around.>

Arikara is a deadly creature born only to seek vengeance against those who have committed heinous acts.

<Magatha smiles.>

Completion Edit

Good, you have gathered the essential amount of Incendia agave. This rare herb found only in Thousand Needles will help light the dormant sacred fire of life.

<Magatha begins to enchant the Incendia agave.>

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Horde 15 [26] Alien Egg
  2. Horde 15 [26] Serpent Wild
  3. Horde 15 [27] Sacred Fire
  4. Horde 15 [28] Arikara

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