Objectives Edit

Sabotage a Dwarven Artillery Shell and then flee from Bael'Dun before it explodes.

  • Artillery Shell Sabotaged
  • Get Out of There!

Description Edit

These dwarven artillery shells have a built-in airburst timer. This is easy! Just sabotage one of the artillery shells in the loading bay and then hoist it up into the magazine. Boom, baby. BOOM!

You'll find the shells in one of two loading bays behind the main garage on this level. It's right around the corner.

Once you've rigged the artillery shell... Run! Run like the wind, <name>! Then report to Gann back at camp. I'll be right behind you.




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv shoulder 147
[Stonespire Shoulders]
Inv helmet 175
[Spearhead Helm]
Inv jewelry amulet 04
[Airburst Amulet]

You will also recieve: 75Silver

External links Edit

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