Objectives Edit

Bring the Ring of Zoram to Talen near the Zoram Strand.

Description Edit

I fear the ancient statuette's secrets will remain forever hidden unless you find the key to their ancient locks.

That key is a ring, the Ring of Zoram. It belonged to the rulers of this city before the waves of the Sundering drowned it.

For years the ring was lost, but the naga have recently found it.

Their leader, Ruuzel, dwells on her isle[7, 13] on the northern edge of the Zoram Strand. Please, <name>, retrieve the ring for me!

Progress Edit

It is said that the Ring of Zoram is the key to any lock within the city. Do you have it, <name>?

Completion Edit

You found the ring! Thank you, <name>.

Please take this as payment, and know that your deeds today will remain forever in my memory.

Reward Edit

You will receive:

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