Quest:Ruse of the Ashtongue

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Neutral 32 Ruse of the Ashtongue
Requires Level 70
CategoryAshtongue Deathsworn
Reputation+500 Ashtongue Deathsworn
Rewards13Gold 20Silver
PreviousThe Secret Compromised
NextAn Artifact From the Past


Travel into Tempest Keep and slay Al'ar while wearing the Ashtongue Cowl. Return to Akama in Shadowmoon Valley once you've completed this task.



Olum's sacrifice was tremendous. I would never have asked him to give up his life myself. But it is done.

If we're to lure Illidan back into a false sense of security, we need to do his bidding - at least for now.

I command a vast army of Ashtongue, but - aside from the Deathsworn - none can be trusted.

You are to perform the deed that Illidan demands. Take this cowl; it is magical in nature. You will appear to be one of my men to any who see you slaying Kael's phoenix, Al'ar.


Is the deed done, <name>? Illidan is not a patient master!


You've done well, <name>. This will bring us a step closer to shifting Illidan's focus away from us and from...

<Akama looks in Maiev Shadowsong's direction.>

More work remains to be done, <name>.

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