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Neutral 32 Root Causes
StartEmber Clutch Ancient
EndEmber Clutch Ancient
CategoryHowling Fjord
Experience25,150 XP
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Rewards[Dark Iron Signet] or [Flint-Reinforced Spaulders] or [Cold-Iron Armbands] or [Arcanum-Bound Bracers]


Slay 5 Dragonflayer Handlers and Skeld Drakeson. If you manage to do so, return to an Ember Clutch Ancient in the Ember Clutch.


All things in nature seek a balance. It is only through the interference of those not in tune with that harmony that the balance is shifted.

You waste your efforts when you kill the whelps and drakes. The real culprits behind the expansion of these magically burning woods are the newly awakened vrykul and their master, Skeld Drakeson.

If it's blood on your hands that you seek, start with them. You will find their lair on the south side of the Ember Clutch.


You will be able to choose from one of these rewards
Inv jewelry ring 27
Inv shoulder 79
Inv bracer 16
Inv bracer 17


Unfortunate that one predator must be used to put down another, but that is the natural order of things.

Perhaps now the proto-drakes and their whelps can go back to living peacefully. Somehow I doubt it with the reawakening of the vrykul.


Skeld hits like a truck!

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