Objectives Edit

Recover 7 Black Market Merchandise.

Description Edit

Ah, a <class>. I could make good use of your skills.

A convoy was struck just up the road by a band of marauding saurok. These marauders made off with some... merchandise... her ladyship, the Madam Goya, had a mind to sell.

One does not steal from her ladyship.

If you recover these items I will gladly provide you a finders fee.

Progress Edit

Saurok are seldom this bold.

Completion Edit

Ah, our merchandise. Madam Goya will be pleased. You have the gratitude of her ladyship.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 129000 XP
  • 10Gold 20Silver (or 10Gold 85Silver if completed at level 90)

Notes Edit

Progression Edit

The Road to Kun-lai

Patch changes Edit

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